An ambitious 18 year old, Natalie is an actress, singer, dancer, jazz vocalist, director, and producer. She currently attends Central Washington University where she is earning her Musical Theatre BFA.

Natalie has previously worked in the Snoqualmie Valley and in Gainesville, FL. She is pleased to have been with names such as The Hippodrome Theatre, The Danscompany of Gainesville, Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre, The Valley Center Stage, Reach Eastside Performing Arts, and the Central Theatre Ensemble. She is also the co-founder of the youth theatrical troupe “Alive and Kicking”. Throughout high school she poured numerous hours into all the school plays and the re-creation of the Mount Si Drama Club. She has been a part of both the WMEA All State Symphonic Choir of 2009 and the WMEA All State Jazz Choir of 2010.

Above all things, she loves working with her imagination and the imaginations of others. In particular, she enjoys working with children in youth theatre because of their unmitigated ability to pretend. She believes that teaching them to express themselves and giving them a venue in which to do so is one of the best gifts that you can give a kid.

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